Schooling at Home - An Introduction

Hello Parents and Caregivers!

Welcome to Little Explorer Parenting Toolbox’s first ever blog post. I am writing in responds to the current

situation with schools. In my area, like much of the country, school has been cancelled for the year. Many parents came to me in a panic “what do I do? I don’t know how to home school.” The panic and desperation I feel from parents concerned with their child’s education is real. I hear you, I feel you, I understand you. First off, I want to say, your thoughts and fears are valid, you are allowed to mourn your child’s educational experience, your daily schedules changing, and so much more. I will not diminish your feelings, but I will say, it is going to be okay!

Here are some helpful tips, that I plan to outline in more depth in future blog posts this week.

  1. De-stress your life: Take time to breath, realize this situation is temporary and sooner or later the status quo will be recreated.

  2. Create a relaxed routine to your day without school: established a routine in your day that is relaxed, that nourishes you right now. For your child it should include art, play, and story telling (read to them and if they can, they can read to you).

  3. Let your child sleep in! Your child is experiencing stress from schedule change right now, in some cases this can be traumatic. Sleep is the bodies natural healing responds to cope. Allow your child to sleep in during the mornings and have a proper breakfast. Maintain a bedtime routine and bedtime.

  4. Create a learning space: during this time, think about your learning space. A place to write, a place to work on a laptop, and a cozy place to read.

These are my top 4 suggestions to reducing stress in preparation for at home learning / homeschooling. I will discuss these steps in depth along with more tips in future blogs.

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