Need 1 on 1?

Due to Covid19 all of our coaching sessions are online, view pricing plans here>

With our one on one service, you get individualized attention to meet your needs, including coaching, home planning, and other developmentally appropriate education for your child and family. Services include but not limited to:

· Potty Training

· Temper Tantrums

· Picky Eaters

· Special Ed Consulting

· Time Management


Homeschool and Environment

Included in our one on one services is setting up a play space for your baby, toddler or preschooler, they all need a play space to learn in. I have experience in setting up spaces for:

·New baby

·Toddler Play Area

·Preschool Play Area 

·Preschool at Home Area

·Homeschool Spaces

·Classroom set up for

childcare or preschool

Education and Coaching for Parents and Caregivers


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