Little Explorer Parenting Toolbox is your go-to place for providing both Moms, Dads and their children with resources to enhance both physical and social development.


Have questions? We can help:

  • Why does my kid do that, is it normal?

  • How do I get ready for preschool?

  • Is my child kindergarten ready?

  • Potty training is a nightmare; Please help!

  • No More Tantrums... 

  • Does my child have a developmental delay?

  • I homeschool. Now, what do I do?

  • How do I build a routine that works?

  • Sticker charts, how to use them and when. 

  • My teen wants to babysit, do you have a class for that?

  • Positive Discipline: Its full of love, respect for all, and firm boundaries

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